New Book: Sketch and Go 5 Minute Fashion Illustration

New Book: Sketch and Go 5 Minute Fashion Illustration

The following is a note from Chic Sketch co-founder Emily Brickel Edelson

Hi guys!!!

I know it’s been so long since I have been posting blogs, but it takes a visit from Ikea builders and a home office update to relocate me from working at my desk to get me away from my massive to do lists (switching from a black to white desk and adding more cabinets and bookshelves to store all of my artwork and supplies).

Anyway. Working hard for me is an understatement and it’s about to get even busier!!!

I know I have been filling you in a little on my book but now, it’s here!!! It’s available for pre-order NOW and you can purchase it here  or   It is set to be published October 11th but if you pre-order NOW you will be the first to get it!

AND, excitingly I was able to sketch live, UNVEIL and announce my book on Elle Magazine’s Facebook live!! Here watch it all to see what is to come for fall!

A little nerve wrecking I know, speaking LIVE and simultaneously drawing is not an easy fete.

ELLE! I mean…..

The same magazine I interned at almost 10 years ago and now I was live sketching with over 37 thousand views! I am beyond blessed, excited and grateful that they had me on and can’t wait to show you what else I have in store!

Speaking of New….

While you’re at it! Check out my brand spankin new website!!! I am so proud of how it turned out and all the work I have been doing for Chic Sketch and my book and I can finally blurt it out loud – and share it on this gorgeous site!!!

NOW instead of going to – my old site that I had been wayyyy to swamped to keep updating, now you can go to -This website is updated with EVERYTHING I’ve been working on (well almost everything!)  I added my new married name, the same name that’s on my BOOK and the name that I proudly go by!!! Yes, three names! Why?

  1. Because More is More. Why as women do we have to remove a name (and sometimes remove that identity) when instead we can just add on a new fabulous married name to it and add on new meaning and new experiences to this path that we call life.  Call it another stripe on my sleeve.
  2. As women we have all been working so hard to make a name for ourselves, and as an artist when I have been signing my name as Emily Brickel on my art for so long, all of a sudden signing Emily Edelson would be like a completely different person, one that whole pages and pages of artwork would not be connected to.
  3. Family.  To me getting married is adding on a whole amazing side of new family but also keeping close to your birth family. My dad for instance passed away when I was 12 and it didn’t sit right with me to remove that name from mine. My dad (and mom) were and are both very talented artists and the Brickel family has some really strong art genes, so I never wanted to get rid of the real last daily connection that I have to my dad.
  4. It just sounds great! That is if in fact you pronounce my maiden name right! That’s pronounced Em-ily  BRI-Kell  Edel-son (Like Eddy Brickell but I’m with one L)  See also

Now I’m not saying that if you choose to remove your maiden name in favor of your new shiny married name that there is anything wrong with that, I’m just saying this is what made me happy to do for me. Do what makes you happy!

And on that note of happiness.

Writing makes me so happy! Creating art that is both detailed and intricate or quick and chic (ahem Chic Sketch) also make me happy! So do a ton of other things like being a kick a$$ entrepreneur, CEO boss lady, being a fashionista, fashion design, travel, time with family and friends, sharing my gifts with the world and teaching others how to draw and live a life of their dreams!!! These things all make me so happy and I am so blessed that I can continue to do all of these things and share it with you. That being said, with all this going on I can’t possibly blog weekly with long, long posts and new detailed art every week. Therefore, I am changing my blog’s format! I will blog as much as I can and update you on all the exciting things going on but I also loveeee social media and living life, so check out the blog on, check out my social media and ChicSketch’s social media for constant updates all the time!

Here’s where to follow: On Instagram and Twitter @EmilyBrickel and @ChicSketch, On Snapchat and Facebook @Emily.Brickel and @ChicSketch

I will be snapping, gramming and posting live for my almost month long list of amazing trips this August, and all of NY Fashion week in September so make sure you follow and stay tuned!!!!!!!

Whenever I am sketching at live events that are open to the public, DON’T WORRY! You’re invited!!! However, a lot of our clients host us at insider only events that you need to be on the list for.  So as much as I would like to, I can’t invite you to that but you will hear about it first by subscribing to my newsletter here on my blog page and stay tuned to social for pictures!

What I learned from all of this? Don’t overwork it!

Perfection is really elusive so don’t worry about being perfect, just worry about getting it DONE in a way that you are really proud of.  This is especially true of art, of Chic Sketches (when I teach new illustrators to keep it sketchy and not overwork their art) and of life!

In my new book I talk about everything from…. 

How to:
– To get in the zone,
– To move past your fear of creating (and this can even be applied to anything that you are creating – from a business to the perfect Instagram layout and caption).

I talk about:
– Channeling your inner guru,
– What you need to succeed – from the tools to the attitude.
–  I show you how to draw fashion illustration,
–  From the basics of beginners to the detailed tricks of the trade.

Then after you know the basics, or if you are an experienced artist
– I take you into the pro tips of creating 5 minute sketches on the go
–  And tips for different settings from backstage at a fashion show or even at home at your desk.

If you have ever thought about drawing for fun OR as a profession…
This book is for you!

Perfect for:
Teens learning to draw and who loves fashion,
Instagram illustrators who want to hone your skill,
Fashion illustrators who want to learn the new, quick method of sketching completed works of art and not just scratchy pencil lines,
Creative entrepreneurs who need to get inspired, to stay inspired and create great work to share your gift with the world! 
People who have always wanted to learn how to draw but never had the time to create long, time consuming artwork.

It’s all in there – and I poured my heart and soul in there too!

What else is included?
– How to get started in this career or hobby
– What supplies you need
– Insider pro- tips
– Start to Finish sketches of the process
– Traditional body proportions vs. Fashion Illustration proportions,
– How to draw eyes, nose, lips, hair and faces in all different angles,
– How to draw garments and accessories,
– How to draw standing, walking and action poses
– How to draw editorial poses
– 500 fashion illustration templates printed in special blue ink that disappears when you photocopy it – so only your drawing will show.
And so much more!

This book is written in my fashion-loving style so reading through each chapter is a blast.

Hope you love this book as much as I loved writing and illustrating it!
Please dig in, mark it up, highlight and draw in it.
This is going to be your new inspirational best friend.

Hope that Inspires YOU to live your dreams. Every. Single. Day…..

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