Chic Sketch & GoDaddy!

Chic Sketch — Blending fashion illustrations with cutting-edge technology By Maxym Martineau June 12, 2018 –From Go Daddy   After years of work in the fashion industry — from an internship at Elle, to trend forecasting for an agency based out of Paris, to working with a freelance fashion stylist coordinating outfits behind the scenes of commercials and

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Chic Sketch & PetPlate!

Who else has a dog they really care about? Pets are like our babies and we want to give our babies the best, so we’re glad to announce our new partnership with PetPlate! PetPlate, founded by Renaldo Webb, gives dog food a new meaning by using fresh ingredients to give your dog the right nutrients

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Chic Sketch & Tech Day 2018

Tech Day 2018 was a great success! Tech day is an event located in New York that showcases a host of startup technology companies as well as many established ones. It was an exciting and successful third year showing off our fashionable tech. The goal is to network with people, check out their newest products

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