Huffington Post: Why Yoga at your Desk Makes You Happier

By Lauren Coles Yoga has a profound effect on your mood. This is because some poses give you a rush of blood to the head, a full body stretch, and some can even induce euphoria. Even better, the desk can be a great tool to help you stretch, and I’ve developed this simple sequence below,

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10 Reasons We Support Lisa Vanderpump Dog Rescue

As major dog lovers, Chic Sketch is over the moon to announce our new charity campaign with a percentage of proceeds going to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue organization founded by Lisa Vanderpump, which targets dog abuse, neglect, and maltreatment on both a global and domestic scale. Starting this month for

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20% of orders Donated to The Vanderpump Dog Foundation

In the name of puppies, fashion, and art, Chic Sketch is thrilled to announce it’s BRAND NEW ONLINE SHOP and first ever charity campaign in support of The  Vanderpump Dog Foundation (VDF), started by Lisa Vanderpump.  Shop now at Starting now for a limited time only, Chic Sketch will be donating 20 percent of all

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