Very Vanderpump loves Chic Sketch! (And we love them too!!!!!)

If you are obsessed with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills like we are, we were psyched to find out that our fave fashionistas Lisa Vanderpump and Pandora Vanderpump Sabo are obsessed with Chic Sketch too!

Check out Pandora’s blog post on the newly launched

And… if that wasn’t enough – check out the header of their website where a fab Chic Sketch of the chic duo is sitting pretty, drawn by our lead fashion illustrator and co-founder herself, Emily Brickel Edelson!

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or check it out below!


I stumbled upon this adorable app a few weeks ago and have since become obsessed with it… it’s such a unique idea! If you download ChicSketch, you are able to upload a photo of yourself in your favorite ensemble and their talented artists will whip up a customized fashion sketch for you! It’s such a wonderful, personalized indulgence to have a little cartoon of yourself to use for anything from social media to business cards! My mother and I are obsessed with ours – Emily, the artist/creator, is a genius!

I love the idea of purchasing a high res cartoon of one of your friends and printing it on a notepad for them (I did this as a cute gift for my mother for Christmas!) or framing it for their bedroom. Bloggers, fashionistas, the self-confessed narcissist… who wouldn’t love a personalized cartoon of themselves? They also have a Shop, so you can purchase your sketch as a Phone Cover or framed photo.

Check it out in the App store or HERE