Facebook Live With Elle Magazine!

Facebook Live With Elle Magazine!

We talked everything #NYFW yesterday with Elle Magazine on their Facebook Live. The designers, trends, styles, we covered it all! In case you missed it, here’s Emily with what went down.

One thing I’m still noticing on the runway is floral! The garden party theme is everywhere! Noon by Noor made a springtime theme appropriate for fall by mixing it with suede. Alexander Wang created more of a moody look. This has been a really popular style considering all the current events happening around the world. Designers are really becoming inspired by the environment they’re in. It’s so cool to see the designers taking that energy and channeling it into their art!

Another big trend is metallics. Jeremy Scott showed us his hand with a killer look, complete with giant star shaped sunglasses! So grungy chic! Jeremy Scott uses a lot of mixed metals. The trench coat is also a big trend coming up. In this look, not only is the coat metallic, but it also has a print on it, which I love.

Diane Von Furstenberg also had some inspired designs. She mixed colors and prints to come up with a fresh new style vibe. The look I sketched included a pink and brown fur scarf, striped skirt, with a leopard print clutch. I love this look because it’s always fun to see what you can mix together and come up with; something that you least expected to work can actually look great if styled right. Be confident when mixing patterns! Don’t be scared to try something new!

The last look I sketched was by Prabal Gurung. This look also included mixed patterns, with a fur coat and a printed dress. It was a colorful look with blues, greens, and some yellow. The model is also wearing calf-high sock boots which will still be in style for fall so keep rocking them!!

It’s important to draw things that inspire you, because that’s what makes it fun!! I look at blogs and social media to draw inspiration from. Concentrate on subjects that make you feel inspired, and you’ll love your art even more!!

You can watch the full Facebook Live video here.

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