NRF’s MAGAZINE: An app-etite for more

NRF’s MAGAZINE: An app-etite for more


No matter the gigabyte, space on a smartphone is valuable. Any app downloaded must maintain its worth. Chic Sketch, created by Appetizer Mobile, is solidifying its worth — and not just for the consumer.

The app was initially intended for users who submitted a photo of themselves, handed over $9.99 and received a custom illustration. But that was just the beginning. After Chic Sketch allowed guests the chance to connect via chat, view and like each other’s sketches, things really took off.

Its users now have access to coveted fashion events around the world; the app is also being used by retailers to host and/or enhance in-store events. Saks Fifth Avenue, L’Oréal and Viktor & Rolf in Miami celebrated the Bonbon fragrance anniversary, where guests of the event received their own personalized Chic Sketch as a gift with purchase of a special-edition fragrance set. It led to a record sales day for fragrance.

Sephora partnered with the company to sketch at five different locations simultaneously throughout New York City, promoting a custom braid bar with several hair brands. It also used Chic Sketch to open its new Fashion Show Mall store in Las Vegas and its Chicago flagship store on Michigan Avenue with model and influencer Hailey Baldwin.

Kate Spade and Chic Sketch launched the retailer’s NYC Home Collection pop-up shop and celebrated its grand opening at Westfield Mall in lower Manhattan.

The value to retailers extends well beyond the event itself. Each sketch is watermarked with the brand’s logo — increasing exposure as it is shared on social media. It proves that when a fashion app catches on, retail should not be far behind.

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