Make 2021 Your Chicest Year Yet

Make 2021 Your Chicest Year Yet

10, 9, 8, 7…..

Happy new year and cheers to new beginnings! Change is never easy but you can react to change with the chicest mindset if you are open to it. Here at Chic Sketch we are prepared to embrace 2021 with open arms. We are so happy to have had the opportunities and challenges of 2020, where we got to open the virtual doors to our shop. 

This new year is about growth. So what else can grow… besides your closet! Here are a couple tips to start off the new year the chic way: 

  1.  Write down your yearly goals. They do not have to be exact “resolutions”, but write a couple goals you have and some objectives on how you can reach them. Keep them attainable and use specifics so you can track your progress. 
  1. Do a closet clean out! Declutter to open up space where you live. Donate what you can and recycle too. 
  1. After decluttering, it’s time to reorganize and stylize. Since we spent so much time indoors in 2020 we have had time to reflect on what we desire from where we live. Channel your inner interior designer and do it on your own budget!
  1. Calling all boss babes, pick out some cute outfits and take those first new years selfies or photos. Be happy in your own body and embrace the changes you have gone through. 
  1. Check in on your friends!  See what this new year means to them and how you can help them kickstart this year in the chicest way. 

We would love to see how you are styling 2021 in your own personal way. Don’t forget to personalize with a Chic Sketch and some of our shop apparel! Tag us on Instagram if your OOTD features our shop items and we would LOVE to repost. Happy new year to all our chic babes out there! XX

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