Making Your Quarantine Birthday Special: Our Guide To Everything You Can Do Both In And Out Of Your Apartment!

Making Your Quarantine Birthday Special: Our Guide To Everything You Can Do Both In And Out Of Your Apartment!

New year, same pandemic. If you’re anything like our co-founders Emily Brickel Edelson and husband, Jordan Edelson, you might be struggling with what to do for your birthday whether it’s this month, or within the next couple. Knowing this dilemma would occur, We have created a list of different socially distanced celebrations to honor whoever you are celebrating.

OUTSIDE: Covid friendly outdoor options for those itching to get out of the house!

Get Outta Town

Getting out of your apartment is one thing, but what about the city altogether? Living in the city can be overwhelming at times, especially now, so if you’re looking for a bday escape, you’re in luck. With so many small towns such as Bethlehem, PA, Beacon, NY, New Canaan, CT, etc. only an hour so outside of the city, you can take the day trip, or night trip your mind might need. 

Hotel Night

Spending the night at a hotel with a few of your closest friends or significant other is another great celebration option. Whether you want to make your Gossip Girl dreams come true for a night at Lotte New York Palace or are going for something more casual such as the Nomo, hotels are a great option. 


A seemingly popular birthday idea at the moment are wine tastings. How can you possibly make that better? By wine tasting on a rooftop of course.  Rooftop Red’s, located in Brooklyn, launched the world’s first commercially viable rooftop vineyard in 2016. This is a great option to get outside while still having your own space. Other great rooftop options include The Green’s Rooftop located at Pier 17 and the Rooftop Cinema Club which offers outdoor movies, located at 60 W 37th St.


We know the idea of spending your birthday locked inside your apartment sounds less than ideal. But when there’s a will, there’s a way to spice it up.

Learning Something New Via Online Class

Whether you want to learn to cook, dance, paint, etc. there are so many extraordinary companies that are offering private online classes/lessons for you to try out a new skill. Eataly offers virtual cooking classes as well as online classes in which you can reserve for you and your guests. Categories of meals and prices range, making there something for everyone to enjoy. The Art Studio NYC offers virtual classes for both children and adults with courses ranging from beginners, drawing, oil painting and so many more. For something more intimate, Dance Together NYC offers virtual couples dance classes, ensuring a night of romance and excitement for you and your partner.

Zoom Surprise!

Because of the pandemic, almost everyone is familiar with Zoom, so we might as well utilize it as a form of communication for someone’s birthday! You will organize time slots with the birthday gal/guy’s family and friends, coordinating 20-minute slots, of guests entering and leaving the Zoom video chat. Never knowing who is joining, your birthday person will be surprised each time a new guest enters. This allows one on one time with these friends and family. With various Zoom features, you can also record the Zoom session to keep as a special memory. 

Stay at Home Bar

Covid has caused many of us to drink a lot more wine than usual with that being said we want to have a fun take on everyday drinking under quarantine. We found a fun interactive way to bring the bar to your home!

Create a group chat with the birthday gal/guy’s closest friends and family

Create an excel sheet listing time slots for dropping off items outside of the home and various bar/drinking accessories and drinks, guest can begin filling out what item they will drop off outside your home

Bring loved one whose birthday you are celebrating outside, surprising them with each guest socially distanced

Mini-Bar Cart (guest will place the following items onto this cart)

Birthday balloons tied to the bar cart

Salt/Lime/Chasers etc.

Cocktail Shaker 

Bar Tool Set

Birthday person’s favorite alcoholic beverages

Whisky Glasses Cocktail Glasses


Ice Molds

Mini disco lights

Ending with a guest dropping off birthday hats, ribbons, and more.

Ending the day with you and your loved one, making each other’s favorite drinks with the supplies you were just gifted. 

Black-Tie Dinner 

What better way to feel great than dressing head to toe in your most expensive garments?! We want you and your birthday person of choice to spend the day preparing a 5-course dinner for the two of you and whomever you may live with. This day will be filled with music, cooking, games, and more! Once the sun begins setting you all will go off to begin getting ready for your “black-tie event”. Treating yourselves like royalty, you indulge in the hard work you have spent the day on, rewarding yourselves by not only great food and drinks but glamming yourselves up. A fun way to spice up the night would be incorporating a fun photoshoot with one another, using silly accessories as if you are at a real black-tie event!

Timeline Illustrations

Looking for a unique piece to gift for a loved one’s birthday? We have the perfect sentimental gift, and it involves our help! So what do you need to do? We want you to find 4 important photos of your birthday person, their early childhood, elementary school, high school/college, present day. Make sure these are sentimental moments captured in this person’s life, you can always adjust the time ranges to suit the person you are doing this for. What we want to do is create illustrations of each of those images, creating a timeline of their life leading to the present day, marking special moments in their life. This gift will truly show how much you care for that person. 

Gifting with Chicsketch!

Still looking for help with celebrating a birthday? Look at our many products at to give custom illustrations for anyone’s birthday, along with that we can offer custom invitations and prints for whomever you are celebrating!

In conclusion, we know it may seem like your options are still limited this year for your special day. But hopefully some of our ideas sparked an interest in you! If you like or use any of the options listed above, make sure to tag us @chicsketch!

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