NYFW Day 5

NYFW Day 5

For the last day of NYFW, Emily and her fashion week crew got to experience Melke and KGL’s presentations. Emma Gage and Kanika Goyal both put out unforgettable collections and made the last day extremely special.


The first show of the day, Melke, was a perfect wake me up! The presentation took place at Veranda, where coffee was poured and looks were served. Throughout the presentation, the two models made multiple outfit changes to showcase Emma Gage’s latest collection. Emma started Melke in 2020 and it is known for being a sustainable gender-fluid fashion brand. Her collection is inspired by a family trip to the Ashford Castle in Galway, Ireland. Through the earthy patterns and chivalric chain details, the guests were transported from Soho right to Galway.


As Emily and her crew first walked into Spring Studio’s Sunken Living Room, they were greeted by a balloon pit and dazzling designs done by Kanika Goyal. KGL’s “Sci Trance Fall/Winter 2022” made quite the first impression. Emily and the crew loved all the psychedelic vibes and the mushroom spaceships but were most starstruck by a full sequin suit. Goyal told GQ that her inspiration “began from dreamscape”. She explained how the line’s psychedelic references can be traced back to vivid visions one can have during their “perfect dream state”. Now it makes perfect sense why this KGL presentation was so dreamy.

Emily can’t wait to start sketching Melke’s and KGL’s collections! Check out @ChicSketch and @EmilyBrickel on Instagram to be the first to see the latest sketches! While you’re at it you can follow her NYFW 2022 journey through her NYFW highlights!

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