Spooky Nights and Pumpkin Spice… Hello October

Spooky Nights and Pumpkin Spice… Hello October

It’s scary that style can be so chic! 

Happy October and spooky month to you all. Chic Sketch is prepped and ready to embrace everything pumpkin spice and super nice! We are here to guide you in some tips for a wickedly chic month leading up to Halloween. 

Tip #1: Do you ever fall asleep dreaming of your next coffee or pumpkin spice anything??? 

Combine your favorite drink with our environmentally friendly “Chic Pano Mug”. Start your day with a warm drink to keep you cozy and energized for a productive and creatively-charged day. Customize this mug with a sketch in panoramic view of your favorite past Halloween outfits, movie stickers, or past memories. Shop now

Tip #2: No party? No costume? No problem!

Keep it cozy and festive at the exact same time with our customized merchandise. Bake some spooky cookies, mix your favorite drink in your witch’s calderon, and turn on that Halloween Monster Mash mix or movie!  Personalize any of the tops above with our seasonal stickers so that this Halloween you will look drop DEAD gorgeous. Shop here

Tip #3: Pick your favorite Pop-Culture Personality for your costumes this year

One of our favorite “quaran-tivities” is binge watching shows and TikToks! Live out this binge period with a Halloween costume impersonating your favorite T.V. personalities, celebrities, and characters. Check out what our Co-Founders, Jordan and Emily, did a couple years ago for their Scream Queens Obsession. Check out Emily’s other sketches of fantastic costume ideas here!  

Ariana Grande & the Red Devil next to Emily & Jordan recreating their pic 

(@arianagrande & @emilybrickel) 

This sketch was so chic it was featured in Seventeen Magazine!  

Check out our Instagramwebsite for more content.  Keep it chic and have a haunted rest of your October! XX

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