JUST LAUNCHED: Collab with Masked Singer

JUST LAUNCHED: Collab with Masked Singer

The Masked Singer aired it’s new season on Fox Wednesday, September 23rd and we could not be more excited about launching a BRAND NEW way for you to get sketched as your favorite Masked Singer! 

If you’ve never watched The Masked Singer on Fox, this is not your average singing competition!  Behind the mask could be any world famous celebrity, and it is the audience’s job to figure out who the masked singer is! The show has over 9.2 million viewers and previous mystery stars to participate. The judges are also world renowned celebrities in the music industry ranging from Robin Thicke to Kelly Osborne!

Visit https://maskyourself.fox to try it yourself!

With brand new technology developed by Appetizer Mobile the parent company of Chic Sketch, you can be sketched onto your favorite costumes in minutes! Co-founder of Chic Sketch Emily Brickel Edelson has completed sketches of each of the featured costumed characters including: Two-Headed Owl, Squiggly Monster, Dragon, Giraffe, Sun, and Popcorn! Each finely detailed sketch took over 18 hours to complete. Here’s a few of the sketches to check out!

Stay connected with Chic Sketch and The Masked Singer follow us at @Chicsketch and download the chic sketch app to learn how you can join in!

More on our company: Chic Sketch is a mobile fashion application, e-commerce shop, live and virtual events service where users upload a photo or strike a pose and receive a custom sketch drawn by a real fashion illustrator.  For more information about our Chic Sketch offerings visit us at: www.chicsketch.com

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